Steve as a Cinematographer

Since 2015, Steve has been an active Cinematographer throughout Scotland. He has worked with numerous directors on various short films covering different topics and styles, from short comedies to hard hitting social dramas. Steve adapts his style to match the project requirements, working with a director to create an appropriate tone and visual style that doesn't take away from the story whilst enhancing character development.

Steve also owns Futurist Digital Ltd, a boutique rental business specialising in RED Digital Camera operation and workflow. To this end, the RED camera is Steve's go-to choice for productions. Offering an unrivalled colour science, the ability to work in 8K native RAW and affording the flexibility in post production, Steve understands the technical elements to help produce the creative outputs that a director requires.

This has resulted in Steve becoming an instructor and course producer for RED Digital Cinema's ‘REDucation’ program since 2011, and regularly teaches in many cities across the globe including Amsterdam; Berlin; Brisbane; Dubai; London; Los Angeles; Madrid; Milan; Moscow; Oslo; Singapore and Stockholm.

He was nominated for 'Best Cinematography' at the 2018 Sydney Indie Film Festival for 'Mia; A Rapture 2.0 Production'.

Steve has recently shot his debut feature film as Cinematographer, 'Convergence' which is also wrote and directed. The film debuted at Cineword, Leicester Square, as part of the 2019 British Independent Film Festival where Steve gained a Best Cinematography nomination.

December 2018

The gorgeous cinematography lends a dream-like quality to everything, so Convergence is an absolute stunner to watch. Johnson balances the magical realism at play with the grounded drama the leads are going through with confidence, so neither overpowers the other.

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