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Steve as a Film Director

Steve's first film as a director was the award winning ‘The Students of Springfield Street’, which follows twenty-four hours in the lives of six friends, examining the intricate weave of words, actions and emotions that unknowingly link and change the direction of their lives and how difficult it can be when debt, sickness, lies, drugs, pregnancy, unrequited love and assault weave their way into their ordinary lives.

Steve penned the screenplay a number of years ago. He crowdfunded the £4,500 to fund the production in just four weeks. He shot on two RED EPIC 5K cameras in and around Glasgow, Scotland, over 23 days, using a largely unknown cast, ‘borrowed’ locations and generously donated lights, props and production equipment.

The film went on to debut at the 2015 Hoosierdance Film Festival, USA and won the Best Feature Film award at the 2015 Aberdeen Film Festival.

In 2016, Steve directed ‘Day-29’, a short experimental short film using daylight infrared to create a other-worldy look. The film's sound design was completed from scratch over 3 months after the film was shot as a way to learn the importance of sound design and foley.

Steve’s second feature film ‘Convergence’ was self funded. Filmed over February and April in 2018, the film stars Jeremy Theobald, who starred in Christopher Nolans debut feature film ‘Following’ and Nicolette McKeown. Supporting cast include Lee Fanning; Alfie Wellcoat; Anna Kennedy; Jemima Spence and Marcus MacLeod.

'Convergence' debuted at Cineworld, Leicester Square, in May 2019, as part of the 2019 British Independent Film Festival. 'Convergence' won Best Feature Film and was also nominated for Best Actor; Best Supporting Actress; Best Supporting Actor and Best Cinematography.

December 2018

As a lower budgeted indie film, "Convergence" sure doesn't look the part. A nicely shot and put together production is always welcome. Once you add in some excellent writing and stellar acting however, you're in a completely different ball game. My point is that "Convergence" doesn't look or feel indie at all. That tried and true perception of knowing an indie film when you see one is rendered obsolete.

- IndyRed

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December 2018

Johnson balances the magical realism at play with the grounded drama the leads are going through with confidence, so neither overpowers the other.

Steve Johnson has crafted an impressive, hypnotic film that is equal parts drama and mystery, with fantastic acting.

- Bobby LePire

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December 2018

With him both writing and directing this feature, Steve Johnson shows himself to be a very capable and genuine director.

For his second film writer-director Steve Johnson has managed to create a huge tapestry of intertwined themes in the 90 minutes of ‘Convergence'

- Carl Burguss

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